Situated in the heart of the Custoza D.O.C. and Bardolino D.O.C. production zone on mount Valbusa, the family-run Aldo Adami winery has been producing the typical Verona territory wines for over 30 years. The love for its personal work, the care of the grapevines in each of its phases and the respect of the environmental conditions are the fundamentals of the company for obtaining its high quality wines.

For years on end the Adami family has been tied to the passion for wine: in fact the third generation is now involved, with father Aldo and children Deborah and Mirco who encompass the testimony of these ancient traditions and relaunch it developing the company on new horizons.


Products of the Winery can be purchased directly at our Wine Shop in Custoza, and are also available to order by emailing

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Surrounded by an unique and indescribable landscape, on mount Valbusa you will also find our Wine Shop.

The visit to the Winery is a journey through history,
where the historical and the contemporary live together...